The non-profit association "Entertainment Pact"  supports the Entertainment Pact petition, a shared commitment to addressing the environmental issues resulting from the hyper-growth of the digital entertainment sector, encompassing its entire structure.

The ultimate goal of the Entertainment Pact is to make a significant contribution to reducing the environmental footprint resulting from humanity’s growing dependency on the use of digital.


As well as aiming to improve general awareness, the Entertainment Pact is about creating sustainable models enabling us to enjoy digital accessibility to online cultural content while protecting our planet.

The Entertainment Pact Association pledges to be a pillar of support to a wide range of promising lines of research including, but not exclusive to, the areas of: Data flow optimization; Data center cooling; E-waste solutions.

Our top level research university and laboratory partners are with us to support us in our goals of data collection & research for sustainable solutions.

Why is it urgent to make the digital sector sustainable? 

• The digital sector has a positive impact on a wide range of sectors: access to political and civic information, culture and entertainment, maintaining close ties with loved ones, improved workplace efficiency. Automation and distance reducing technology is reducing the carbon footprint.

• The digital entertainment sector’s expansion is leading to a rapid increase in its carbon footprint, growing exponentially at a rate set to make it the biggest single polluter in the near future.

• The use of online constitutes up to 7% of global electricity consumption and between 2% and 3,7 % of global CO2 emissions. Video streaming alone generates at least one third of these emissions.

• Given the short lifespan of components, digital infrastructure expansion significantly increases mining of rare earth materials, water and sub-marine eco-toxicity, while discarded devices produce large quantities of electronic waste.

• Innovative research in to data center cooling systems, data flows, network efficiency and renewable energy will be key in making the digital sector sustainable.