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Entertainment Pact dedicated department to support ESG funds: 

Environmental Solutions Sourcing Agency (ESSA)

The Entertainment Pact has a dedicated Environmental Solutions Sourcing Agency (ESSA) to source 100+ tech companies, provide a connector service between the Portcos and ESG funds, and offer 360° services.

Our focus on making the digital sector sustainable is enriched through a wider sourcing of all positive impact companies.

As a connector for investors-Portcos, ESSA provides a full support package:

1. Rigorous review of Portcos, under the direction of our Polytechnique Senior Research scientific director;

2. Supervision of the financial business plan, supported by our European and US certified accounting team.

3. Guaranteed follow-up for bilateral negotiations, supported by our dedicated relationship managers.

ESSA clients benefits from the 360° Entertainment Pact experience:

1. Entertainment Pact welcomes our ESG partners to our celebrity-strong alliance, proposing strategic partnership building opportunities with climate-change celebrity figures.

2. ESSA reinjects funds to the Entertainment Pact to reinforce its role as an influential voice in the global movement for a more sustainable society.

3. Entertainment Pact accompanies its ESG partners on shared goals of influential partnerships and positive image.

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