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The signatories of this Pact,

Mindful of the contribution of digital technologies to the transmission of knowledge, to culture and entertainment, and the importance of their contribution to a new way of accessing knowledge, and to the democratization of cultural flow;

Mindful also of the increasing environmental impact of digital technologies;

Mindful that the exponential growth of digital technology in the sectors of entertainment and culture, resulting from both current-day trends and structural factors, will lead, in the absence of a mobilization of stakeholders, to an increase in this environmental footprint;

Mindful that, though the environmental footprint of digital in the sectors of culture and entertainment is difficult to assess due to complex and internationalized value chains, it is certainly significant, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, of mineral extraction and waste production;

Bearing in mind that taking into consideration the important role of digital technologies in accelerating the ecological transition, the Secretary General of the United Nations has reminded us that digital technologies have a part to play in meeting these 2030 Agenda goals;

Bearing in mind that the digital strategy announced by the European Commission on 19 February 2020 sets a target for telecommunications networks and data-center carbon neutrality by 2030;

Mindful that the development of digital technology in the entertainment and culture sectors should be accompanied by solutions in order to reduce its environmental footprint;

The signatories of this Pact have agreed to the following provisions...

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